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Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Program

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Qingdao University Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Program

Admissions Information and Admissions Eligibility

To be eligible for selection to the undergraduate MBBS program, all applicants should meet the following conditions:

1. Applicants should provide academic transcripts from high school and any higher education institutions they have attended. Your average scores should be higher than 80% and every subject should be higher than 60%.Or over 200 of NEET (for Indian Applicants).  

2.  Applicants should be more than 16 years old and in a healthy physical condition.

3.  Applicants should have strong English Language skills. Applicants from non-English speaking countries should provide records of their English learning from primary and secondary school or a certificate of English proficiency from a standardized English test.

4.  Applicants must guarantee that they will comply with the Chinese Constitution, the laws of China and all school rules while in China. Applicants should have financial support, as well as guarantors for their stay in China Students must guarantee that they will purchase medical insurance during their study period in China.

Application Process

I. Submit the following documents to the International Students Office at Qingdao University. Required documents for students applying to the MBBS program (6 years) from Qingdao University include:

    Copy of your passport

  Application form for studying undergraduate course in Qingdao University

    Résumé/ CV(Attachment)

    High school graduation certificate

    High school transcript

    Acknowledged guarantee letter for studying medicine program at Qingdao University(Attachment)

    Acknowledged contract form for students living within campus of Qingdao University(Attachment)

Please provide all of the above documents marked with an asterisk (). Please send all the electronic version of the above documents to oip@qdu.edu.cn  we cannot accept an incomplete application packet. Note that Qingdao University has the authority to accept or reject applications to study at Qingdao University based on students’ application materials. Before being accepted to Qingdao University, all the provided application documents will be carefully scrutinized. If any document is found to be false, then Qingdao University has the authority to cancel his/her enrollment.

Admission process

II.          The admission office will review all the application materials. If the applicants’ qualifications are verified, you are required to pay the application fee to the University.

III.        The Admission Notice, the Visa Application for Study in China form (JW202 form), and the Registration Guide will be mailed to the applicant.

IV.        All applicants should undergo a physical examination according to the requirements of the Chinese Embassy.

V.          Apply for an X1 visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the your home country.

VI.       Register at the International Student Office during the registration period specified in the Registrations Guide.


Fee structure of Qingdao University MBBS Programme

Items for Payment


1. Tuition Fee

30,000 per year

2. Registration Fee


3. Accommodation Fee for  Double   room

 10,000-13,000 per   year

4. Accommodation Deposit

800 per year

5. Insurance Fee

800 per year

6. Textbook Fee

500 per year

7. Residence permit Fee

800 per year


1.      This structure will be used from the beginning of study until graduation.

2.      All the fees should be paid in Chinese currency (RMB).

3.        The tuition fee and all other fees must be paid in cash. 

4.      Refunds for personal reasons are not available for any of the above fees while studying at Qingdao University.

Contact details:

Add: 308 Ningxia Road, Qingdao, Shandong, P.R.C. 266071

E-mail: oip@qdu.edu.cn

Tel: (+86) 532-85953863

Fax: (+86) 532-85954822

Website: www.qdu.edu.cn